How David Burns Broke Free From His Fat Loss Prison

When I see someone struggling with weight loss, I always share an encouraging and motivating experience of David Burns, who also had the same problem and how always wanted to lose 80 pounds in 6 months, but was never able to.

After gaining quite a few pounds, David was fired from his modeling job and could not get another one. During one of his regular visits to the doctor, he also got bad news that he could develop diabetes due to his belly fat. He thus had to lose at least 80 pounds to be healthy once more. Some of his friends were avoiding him and it seemed like nothing was going right for him.

His story and how he managed to lose 80 pounds fast

His prison of fat had taken a toll on him. For the sake of his health and general well-being, David decided to do all it takes to lose the weight. As he looked at the various methods on how to lose 80 pounds, he decided to use the safest method, which is diet and exercise.

before he knew anything about how to lose 40 poundsThe first step David took was to set goals and one of these goals was to lose 40 pounds in 2 months and lose 80 pounds by the time 5 months had elapsed. He visited a nutritionist to get advice on how and what he should eat. He was put on a low calorie diet and had to cut off junk food like burgers, pizza, fries and drinks with a lot of sugar such as soda. No meals were to be skipped and they were all balanced meals. Vegetables were dominant in every meal.

One of the rules that had to be followed concerning diet was to eat a heavy meal in the morning, a slightly heavy meal for lunch and a very light meal in the evening for dinner. Whenever he would feel the need to snack, he would take a fruit or a vegetable sandwich. Fruits high in antioxidants were preferred since they increase the body’s metabolism thus leading the body to burn more fat. Changes in diet also included avoiding processed foods and products. Instead of taking white bread, white sugar or using white flour, he changed to using brown sugar and whole grain products. Soda was replaced by water and fruit juice. Here’s a video that motivated David

The diet was a bit hard to stick to at first but he got used to it after a short while. David also sought the advice of a gym trainer regarding the exercises suitable for him. He was specifically disturbed about his belly fat and wanted to lose it first but it is not possible to spot reduce a part of the body so he had to exercise all parts of the body. He had to start with aerobic exercise to burn up some of the fat and he could then perform other exercises to build some muscle.

Exercising regularly was the toughest part of the weight loss process. The aches during the first few days were too much. However, after seeing that he lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks of combined exercise and diet, he was motivated to continue. By the time 5 months had elapsed, David had lost more weight than he had intended to.

If you are confused about how to lose weight fast, David’s persistence and discipline in his exercise and diet is the answer. Of course, it will not be easy to adapt to the new lifestyle at first but after you see the benefits, it will become a way of life. David is now back to his modeling career and his life, including his health, is much better all because he watched this video below!